January 7, 2016


  1. Recognized as “BEST CUSTOM HOUSE AGENT” and “TOP CUSTOM HOUSE AGENT” from Visakhapatnam customs.
  2. Received following CITATIONS from Visakhapatnam port trust (VPT)& Gangavaram Port Limited
    • Achieved record-loading of Alumina in a day for Utkal International, i.e. 8076 M.T. to MV IVS KNOT berthed at Gangavaram port on 1st December 2014.
    • Achieved record unloading of Chrome Ore in a day i.e. 9,500 M.T. From M.V. APJ SHIRIN MAIDEN on 15-09-2012.
    • Achieved record unloading of Chrome Ore in a day i.e. 8,600 M.T. From M.V. TAMOYO MAIDEN on 29-05-2011.
    • Achieved record unloading of Chrome Ore in a day i.e. 8,014 M.T. From M.V. SKAGEN on 22-08-2010.
    • Achieved record unloading of Steel Coils in a day i.e. 5,958 M.T. From M.V. THORSUN on 14-08-2010.
    • Achieved record loading of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace in a day i.e. 10,580 M.T. from M.V. MATRARIKI FORESH on 28-09-2008.
    • Achieved record unloading of Chromate in bulk in a day i.e.5,810 M.T. From M.V. DD LEADER on 20-10-2007.
    • Achieved record unloading of Steel Pipes in a day i.e. 8,624 M.T. From M.V. DARYA SHAKTHI on 18-05-2007.
    • Achieved record unloading of Carbon Coated Steel Pipes in a day i.e. 8,269 M.T. From M.V. CARL OLDENDORF on 19-09-2006.
  3. Appointed as sole handling agents by M/s. Gateway east India Pvt. Ltd for CFS operations tp provided all required equipement, vehicles and man power for handling huge volume of container for both exports/imports 6000 TEUS per month on an average at CFS.
  4. Handling agents for M/s SICAL for CFS operations to provide all required equipment, vehicles & man power during the period 2003-2006.
  5. Handled project cargo contains “steel sheet piles” in length of 80 feet & Bridgestone Marine fenders imported by M/s. Afcons Infrastructure ltd. For construction of West Quay no. 06at Visakhapatnam port.
  6. Providing shipping and Logistics related services to units set up at various SEZ’s located in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odisha.
  7. Handled complete project equipment and structures including Over Dimensional Cargo imported for following clients:
    • M/s. Shree Vijayalakshmi Jute Mills, Rajam (GMR group)
    • M/s. Rain Calcining Ltd., Visakhapatnam,
    • M/s. Hamco Mining & Smelting Ltd., Calcutta.
    • M/s. Symergies Castings Ltd., Visakhapatnam (Ex-M/s. Synergies - Dooray automotive ltd).
    • M/s. Reliance Gas Transportion Infrastructure Ltd., Mumbai and
    • M.s. Reliance Infrastructure ltd. (Samalkot Power Ltd.), Samalkot.
  8. A track record of 8,013 M.T, in a day with four hooks in discharging raw caned sugar in bulk through hoppers delivered by M.V. Dubai Guardian on a/c. of M/s. Indian Sugar EXIM Corporation Ltd., New Delhi in the month of April 2005.
  9. A milestone in handling of 850 bundles each 1 M.T. of zinc metal ingots per shift, imported by M/s. Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udaipur.
  10. Transported about 744 containers in a single lot with stuffed cargo of ingots exported by M/s. National Aluminium Co. Ltd., Visakhapatnam.