January 7, 2016

Statutory Bodies

  1. Certificate of Incorporation No. U63012AP2011PTC074263/2011-12 Did. 04-05-2011 together with agrement of takeover from firm (Partnership) to company (Pvt. Ltd) and Memorandum and Articles of Association of company.
  2. PAN No. AAPCS7844G issued by Income Tax Department.
  3. TAN No. VPNS07692G issued by Income Tax Department.
  4. Registration under Shops & Establishment Act Registration No. DCL/VSP/283/2010 Dated 31-12-2011 issued by Labour Office.
  5. Service Tax Registration as a Custom House Agency Cargo Handling Service, Port Service & Transport of Goods by Road videos Regn. No. AAPCS7844GSD001 Dated 20-07-2011.
  6. Registation under Employee's Provident Fund Act vide Registration No. AP/VP/36716/ENF/VSP/SRO/VSP-III/2000/4674 Dated 28-03-2000.
  7. Registration under Employees' State Insurance Corporation Act Registration No. 7000349290001099 Dated 21-04-2010.
  8. Registration with AP Profession Tax Registration Certificate vides PTIN No. 28493684210 dated 01-12-2011 and 2838949693 Dtd. 01-12-2011 issued by Dy. Commercial Tax Officer, Visakhapatnam.
  9. The IBA Scheme for Recommending Transport Operators to Member Banks vide code No. VPS-1922
  10. Registration under Principal Employer under contract labour vide Registration No. DCL/VSP/CL-PE/37/2010 Dated 18-10-2010.
  11. Registration under Motor Transport Worker's Act videos Registration No. DCL/VSP/26/2010 date 31-12-2011 issued by Labour Office.
  12. Registration under Contract labour vide Registration No. 43/208-ALC Dated 24-03-2008 issued by Min. of Labour, Govt. of India.
  13. Small Scale Industries Registration under MSMED Act, vide Entrepreneurs Memorandum Number 280132201078 Part-I dated 30-06-2011 issued by General Manager, District Industries Centre, and Visakhapatnam.